Introduction to R programming language training course


26 – 27 March

11:00 – 18:00


  • For scientists, researchers, and students.
  • Designed for those who are new to the R programming language.
  • Hands-on course with the instructor to practice coding in R.
  • Online live sessions.
  • Easy and fast registration

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This course is specially designed for those who are new to the R programming language. R programming is commonly used among biologists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, and data scientists to analyze and visualize different kinds of data.
This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to R and Rstudio interactively. The course will allow you to build a strong foundation for using the R language. The course offers the opportunity to interact with the instructor, many hands-on sessions to practice with example data. Moreover, there will be another practical session at the end of the course where participants will perform what they’ve learned during the course with example data sets.
Introduction to R programming language training course is open to everyone from different disciplines who are keen on learning.

Requisites for Introduction to R programming language training course

  • Designed for beginners in R and programming, no prior knowledge needed.
  • Internet connection and computer are required.
  • All the software, R and R Studio, which will be used in the course are open sources, no need to pay for them.

How to Register?

  • To register for the course you can easily complete payment by adding the course to your cart
  • We will contact you within 3 days by e-mail after your payment to confirm your registration and for your invoice.
  • We are happy to help if you need for your registration process, for questions:
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Training Course Topics

  • Installation of R and Rstudio

  • Get to know R and Rstudio

  • Help system in Rstudio

  • R as a calculator

  • Basic data types

  • Variable assignment

  • Vectors
    • Creating vectors
    • Naming vectors
    • Vector selection
    • Arithmetics with vectors
    • Comparison of vectors
    • Advanced selection
    • Practice Session
  • Matrices
    • Creating matrices
    • Naming matrices
    • Selection of matrix elements
    • Arithmetics with matrices
    • Creating new columns/rows
    • Practice Session
  • Data frames
    • How to create data frame
    • Structure of data frames
    • Naming columns and rows of data frames
    • Selection of data frame elements
    • Subsetting data frames
    • Sorting data frames
    • Merging data frames
    • Filtering data frames
    • Practice Session
  • Lists
    • Why do we use list?
    • Creating lists
    • Naming the lists
    • Practice Session
  • Importing data into R
    • Importing csv and txt files
    • Variable assignment for the files
    • Practice Session
  • Graphics and plotting
    • Creating contingency table
    • Scatter Plots
    • Boxplot
    • Histogram
    • Line plots
    • Practice Session
  • Practice Session