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Our main goal is developing user-friendly practical DNA test products for everybody.

ERES Biotechnology finished several research and development projects and develops many products and prototypes. Besides ERES has giving consultancy and research services in life sciences for researchers.

Elçin Ekşi

“ERES Biotech is life sciences company which develops innovative products for DNA testing. I found these company because DNA testing is still not easily reachable for many people. However, future is building on biotechnology and everybody needs easily reach DNA technologies.”

Founder / Elçin Ekşi



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ERES has two main teams, life sciences specialists and software developers which consist of in silico modelling specialists, bioinformatician, biologists, molecular biologist, physicist and senior full stack web developer. We build our all services and products with the collaboration of these teams members. Teams are focusing enable cutting-edge technologies to everybody. Easily reachable DNA data will be the main booster of the biotech era.

Our work culture has core values which are innovation, responsibility, openness and collaboration.

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Technical Help 

Hacettepe University Biology Depertmant 
BBK Biotechnology
ICK Biotechnology


Cevahir Altınkaynak, TUBITAK Mentor
Emin Okutan, Mentor, Viveka
Sinem Ulutürk Cimbiş, StartupMentorTurkey

Services and Trainings

TOBB GARAJ – Our Current Incubator
Hacettepe Technology Transfer Center
Merkezi Eğitim Kurumları

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