The best 5 bioinformatics channels to learn bioinformatics

The best 5 bioinformatics channels to learn bioinformatics

Bioinformatics channels on YouTube are one of the most efficient way to learn bioinformatics. The following 5 bioinformatics channels will improve your bioinformatics learning skills easily. Some of them are famous bioinformatics institute some of them are persons bioinformatics channels which focused to specific topics in bioinformatics. Both beginner and advance level videos can be find in this the best 5 bioinformatics channels list on YouTube.

1- To learn bioinformatics, data visualization: OMGenomics – Maria Nattestad

Maria creating videos for all level bioinformaticians who want to learn bioinformatics. She generally focus to have to do bioinformatics analyses on R, Python, or creating circos to visual representation of genomes. But most importantly, she made videos about bioinformatics career pathway and also recent trends from genomics studies.

2- Computational Biology and Medicine – Ben Langmead

He is a computational biologist and associate professor in the Computational Biology & Medicine Group at Johns Hopkins University. And he give lessons in his personal YouTube Channel. The most fundamental videos on this channel focuses to algorithms for DNA sequences. This channel can be harder for the beginners.

3- Protein modelling and drug discovery – Pymol Biomolecules

Pymol Biomolecules channel have videos about CADD and some techniques for drug discovery, fragment, protein structure, and ligand-based design and de novo design. You can find videos about Gromacs molecular dynamics and Autodock.

4- More than bioinformatics database an to learn bioinformatics – European Bioinformatics Institute – EMBL-EBI

European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) has public biological data and make it freely available to the scientific community. Besides they are computational biology research center. They have tonnes of videos about both EMBL services and bioinformatics.

5- NCBI and more – The National Library of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine YouTube Channel is one of the essential video sources for both to learn bioinformatics and medicine. They have many tutorials and guides about NCBI. And also this channel have a lot of other contents about history of medicine and more.

Bonus: Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Science – StatQuest with Josh Starmer 

Josh Starmer is introduce to Statistics, Machine Learning and Data Science in his channel StatQuest. The important point about this channel is that, he is focus to step by step learning will help you and he organise videos in that manner.

Bonus 2: 5 basic tip to learn bioinformatics is here from our blog.